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Being 100% focused on a single product line, we deliver the best products with Pulse Lavage technology. You can choose from our broad range of disposable units, ensuring that you will have the correct unit for each specific area of use.

Our Pulse Lavage devices are precision instruments used during orthopedic surgery in osteotomies and for debriding bone surfaces. We also provide a product line specifically designed for wound management.


Orthopedic Surgery

- Prevent implant loosening
- Reduction of emboli
- Cleaning of infected areas
- Cleaning away debris

Wound Management

- Removal of necrotic tissue
- Removal of bacteria
- Removal of foreign material
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pulse lavage technology advantages

Flexible and fracture resistant. Splash shield included
PVC- and Latex-free Polyurethane hose
Non-clogging suction design Airtight construction
Optimal cleaning power